Recently I found myself in Cumbernauld with a couple of hours to kill and little to do. Fortunately I had my camera in the boot of my car. This was not a planned outing and I had no idea where to go locally so I went a short drive. Only 5 minutes away I found this little marina with a couple dozen boats and barges. I parked up and took a walk and managed after some trial and error to get a few decent pictures.


The light was a real variable, it just would not sit still and kept changing. One minute I had bright sunlight and it reflected off everything then the next dark cloud, it really could not make up its mind. Fortunately I only had the smallest amount of rain to contend with.


In the above picture you can see the cloud coming in off the Campsie Fells.


I think regardless of how the weather may be this is a lovely little place to stop as there is so much colour to be had from the boats and barges and on a clear day the view in the distance is nice, well from certain angles.

There is a car park and some nice walks into the forest and up onto a nearby hill. It’s quite a busy little place but not to busy that your photos will be spoiled.


Below I have attached a couple of shots I liked, mainly due to the bright colours.

IMGP8382 IMGP8384IMGP8421 IMGP8423IMGP8373IMGP8383

After my colourful barges I took a short walk into the trees behind the canal and took a few different pictures. I quite liked the silhouetted ones with the sun poking through the trees.

IMGP8399 IMGP8411 IMGP8416 IMGP8418 IMGP8419

I can see me making another trip out here in the future, as there is so many other photos waiting to be taken. I think though I will be needing a lot longer than a couple of hours to get the most from it.

Well, there we go, my first proper post, the first of many I hope. I have enjoyed photographing the boats and barges so I think this will be added to my list of themes / projects. As I manage more outings I will endeavour to keep this page going and get a sample of each trip uploaded.

I have added my album from the day to Flickr. There is a few more photos on there, some of the barges, some not. So if anyone wishes they can.




  1. janeslog says:

    I used to walk along the canal at the Thames when my friends lived in London. I intend to go along the cycle path at the Forth and Clyde Canal this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul says:

      That’ll be a good cycle, a long one too, is it not about 30 something miles?


      1. janeslog says:

        Yes. When I took my folder we could cover more miles.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Anabel Marsh says:

    Recognise this! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.


    1. Paul says:

      It was my pleasure, its very varied and interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

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