IMGP5997_1Last year I was lucky enough to experience the most wonderful atmosphere in and around Glasgow.

Let me start by saying that I have almost no interest in watching anything sport like. Sport is something that I do wish I enjoyed more however I am 36 and have never found any love of watching any sport and I certainly dislike the politics and rivalries that fall in line with it.


However….the Commonwealth Games, well that was something I enjoyed a lot more than I ever expected. Maybe it was because it was happening so close to me, maybe it was the buzz and all the positive vibes and emotions. Either way it was a pleasure watching it and photographing what little I could. For anyone who spent some time at any of the stadiums or who visited Glasgow Green you will know exactly what I am meaning, it was an electrifying atmosphere that became contagious.

IMGP6216My family and I spent a few days at Glasgow Green and loved it, so many people, all happy and no trouble, the sun even shined for most of it! Just a lovely time. I have to say though, so many fantastic people volunteered to help out and they helped make the games what it was. I can honestly say that I am disappointed I saw so little of it live and wish I had volunteered, however seeing some, well, it’s better than none. My family were more fortunate than I and managed to see more of it however I did manage the final of the men’s road race and even with some rain it was great.



You really need to give these guys some credit, the distances they have to cycle, the courses and terrain and the especially the inconsistent Scottish weather! I did think it was a little funny though looking at the difference in physique as some were so small and skinny looking, others large and well muscled, you would have thought they may have a disadvantage being heavier.

IMGP6452                        IMGP6458

We managed to make it back into Glasgow later in the year for the Commonwealth winners parade through Glasgow.


It was so busy though it was a struggle to get into a decent spot for pictures.


I also (stupidly) thought that using my manual 50mm lens would be a super idea as its pretty sharp. In hindsight, my autofocus zoom lens that is less sharp would probably have done a better job! Oh well, always the next Commonwealth games :-/

IMGP6823 IMGP6846

IMGP6837 IMGP6832


I know it was a while back and this site was mainly for anything up coming that I do, however I hope you don’t mind me posting some of these pictures as it was just such a lovely experience and I wanted to share what little I had of it.

Again if you have made it this far down, thank you, thank you very much.



  1. restlessjo says:

    I’ve only made one brief visit to Glasgow, and it was not long before the Games. I have to say that I’m not much into watching sporting events either (I make an exception for tennis) but I can imagine it being an electrifying place to be. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul says:

      Well Jo, if your ever restless enough it’s not to far away for a long weekend. Lots of lovely and interesting walks too. 😃


      1. restlessjo says:

        I did a Clydeside walk from the day that I was there, Paul, and a lot of Rennie Mackintosh stuff (just before the Art College caught fire). I could certainly find things to do on a return visit 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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