You may, or may not remember I previously wrote a post titled “Death of the Point and Shoot”. I was essentially saying why do we need pocket cameras anymore when we all carry mobile phones that are capable of taking such good photos.

Well it may surprise you to learn that I have recently not only dug out my old point and shoot but I have purchased a few others also. Your probably thinking “Really? Why?” Well let me enlighten you further.

When I say point and shoot, its a 22-year-old, 35mm film point and shoot. If my memory serves me well I received this as a 16th birthday present from a family member and used it little. I took it on a few holidays here and there but I never had much use out of it as I held no real interest in photography back then. However when I recently came across it again I purchased a battery and some cheap film and set about using it.

It’s a whole different world using one of these and my kids can’t grasp it at all. Every shot I fire off I get asked “can I see it?” Even my wife is asking me “why use it, you have a proper camera, whats the point?”, “you do realise there is a cost to shooting film?”. However they don’t get it, it’s the simplicity, the fact I have almost no control over the shot so I need to take my time. I need to think each shot through and take into account the light and composition because if I get it wrong I will have wasted a shot and it will cost me more money. Shooting 35mm slows me down, I find it more relaxing and it’s enjoyable.

Image result for agfa vista plus 200

Now this is all new to me, my previous excursion into 35mm film 20 odd years ago was nothing more than a point and click exercise with little thought put into any photo. As this is a new adventure I did not want to spend any real money on film so after a quick Google search I found that I can buy camera film at …..wait for it…..Poundland! And guess what, it’s only a £1!! Bargain.

Ok, so it’s not Kodak Ektar, it won’t win me any awards but it will (hopefully) allow me to learn without breaking the bank, film isn’t cheap you know.

Current selection

After stocking up on the cheap and extremely over saturated AGFA Vista Plus 200 I started to stock up on 35mm point and shoots. Again I hear the “why” however considering I now own 7 and they have all cost me less than £15 combined I don’t feel that I have wasted my money. I have a couple of lovely Pentax zoom lens cameras in perfect condition, a couple of older fixed focus Olympus, Kodak and Vivitar cameras and my original Canon SureShot 60 Zoom.

It will be a while before I’ve got around to using them all, however as I use each I will share the pictures with you on here. At the moment it’s all over saturated AGFA Vista film that I’ve shot however I have just received a roll of Kodak Professional T-MAX 400 ASA which I have been told is one of the best possible black and white films to have. I can’t wait to use it however I’m waiting for the right day, preferably bright with lots of shadows, I’ll also need to decide what camera to use. I am also currently shooting a roll of Kodak Advantix APS film that expired 11 years ago, I’m curious to see how that turns out.

Once all of the cameras have been played around with and I feel that I have more of an idea of whats required when shooting film I will purchase an SLR or Rangefinder, I haven’t decided which yet.

Now this doesn’t mean the end of digital for me, far from it, (although I did recently sell my DSLR with a selection of lenses) no, I plan to still shoot digital and I’ve recently acquired a Pentax K50.

So for now I’ll leave you with a selection of pictures recently shot using my Canon Sureshot 60 Zoom. They’re not great but for my first foray I’m happy.


© As always, all images subject to copyright and cannot be used or shared without prior permission.

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  1. Anabel Marsh says:

    I think I still have a Kodak APS camera lurking somewhere! Boy, did they get that wrong.


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