Autumn is definitely my most favourite season, the crisp air and the vibrant colours stir emotions like no other season does. It may be colder and there’s less daylight however in my opinion it’s the best time to be out walking and exploring.

In fairness, I’ve missed most of this Autumn, a lack of time and if I am honest with myself, a lack of enthusiasm too. However last Sunday I was up and out early, determined to catch something of this most vibrant season before it goes again for another year.

The Carmichael Estate is one of my most favourite places to go and wander, it’s large, it’s beautiful and it is bursting at the seams with history. I have been there a few times before over the years however I have only photographed part of it and that was in the day’s when I kept my camera on “AUTO” having no idea how to use it. This time I ventured to an area that I have no photos of at all, the grounds of Eastend house.

I parked at the estates farm shop and walked down to the house, it’s not far, a 10 minute walk, no more than 15 minutes if you dally. It’s an easy walk and flat, starting off on a tarmac road and changing to a muddy track after the lodge house. You walk along what once would have been a lovely driveway into the property, with mature trees and large bright green bushes.

Eastend House 19.11.17_1

Grand Avenue ©

I arrived just after the sun had come up, it was still climbing and casting the most magnificent glow into the woods, bathing everything in a golden light. The colours were fantastic, everything was over saturated and vibrant, the different shades of red and yellow leaves became more of a rusty-red and orange, it was a beautiful morning to be out and it definitely took me more than 15 minutes to make it to the house.

Eastend House 19.11.17_4

Walking up the drive ©
Eastend House 19.11.17_13


After photographing the drive and some trees I moved on, heading to the walled garden. The wall itself is still intact however there is nothing to be seen inside, it’s just overgrown grass punctuated here and there with some trees and bushes. I can’t say I spent much time there, I had a quick look and moved on.

At this stage let me point out that there are various holiday cottages for rent throughout the Carmichael Estate and you will come across a couple of them over in this area. I would ask that if you choose to explore this area please be conscientious of anyone who may be staying here and grant them some privacy.

Eastend House 19.11.17_3


The house itself is situated right next to the walled garden and can be approached from both the front or rear, you will also find the coach house and stables not far from the house.

Eastend House 19.11.17_7

South view of Eastend House ©

The house although beautiful is in a bad way, windows have gone, walls are cracking, stones are missing and inside the floors have collapsed. It’s in a very bad state of repair and I would not recommend entering the house. It’s dangerous and you would be risking your life, the owner also has CCTV installed and does not take kindly to anyone attempting to enter the property. For the record, I have never ventured inside Eastend however you can see the damage just from looking through windows. There are pictures online and videos on YouTube should you wish to see inside.

Not far from the house is a lovely pond and another cottage. It was so serene that I had to stop and take it in. Some birds, the tricking of water and the occasional rustling of leaves was all that was to be heard, absolute bliss.

Eastend House 19.11.17_10

The pond ©
Eastend House 19.11.17_8

Cottage for hire next to the pond ©

It was an odd little spot, the trees on one side of the pond were all Autumnal yet the side where the cottage sat was nearly all green with frost covering everything, both sides in complete contrast with each other.

Eastend House 19.11.17_9

Alternative view of the pond facing south west ©

It was a bitterly cold morning, minus 3 degrees so after a short break I walked around the coach house area then snapped a couple of pictures of the front of Eastend then headed back to the car. It always amazes me that in every picture of the front door to Eastend House the blue door is punchy and bright, it’s as though it refuses to give in and be like the rest of the house.

Eastend House 19.11.17_11

The front view of Eastend with the bright blue door ©

If you haven’t visited the Carmichael Estate before then I would highly recommend it, there are two ruined houses, lots of cottages and plenty of lovely places to walk, you can easily lose a day here. Let me also add that there is a small farm shop where you park, a wax museum detailing the history of the area and a lovely little tea room you can visit.

I will hopefully head back down here again soon and take some pictures of the rest of the estate to share with you all.


© As always, all images subject to copyright and cannot be used or shared without prior permission.


  1. Cameron Brown says:

    Visited on 10th September 2020 first visit in 55 years it is in a dire state now with some roof sections completely down and the remaining ones almost ready to go may not last the winter.Interior must now be saturated and almost beyond recovery such a waste. The owner should hang his head in shame for intentionally letting it get to this stage with no sign of ever rescuing it before it is in such a state that demolition will be answer within 2 years.


    1. Paul says:

      I totally agree Cameron. As a nation, we don’t do very little to look after our countries heritage and history. It’s disgusts me how little we care. The current owner should not only hold his head in shame but be prosecuted too. Historic Environment Scotland, local government and the Scottish Executive should also hold their heads in shame as every year we lose more of our nations historical buildings and land. Sometimes it’s left to rot, sometimes we allow the landowner to demolish and other time’s it’s built over with new housing. The anger and disgust that I feel cannot be explained.


  2. Dawn-Marie says:

    Beautiful autumnal photos and estate! The house reminds me a little of what Old Auchans would have looked like. I love autumn too 🍂🍁😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul says:

      Thank you Dawn-Marie, hope your well and married life is good.
      It does have a feel similar to Old Auchans and a similar’ish layout too. I’m sure they were both built in the 16th century.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dawn-Marie says:

        We are well thanks! I love old ruins. I like to imagine what it would have been like living there. Quite ghostly! Hope you and your family are well too 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Anabel Marsh says:

    Thanks very much Anabel.
    I’ve plenty to write and little time to write it, would you believe that I currently have more than a dozen drafts written? I’d highly recommend another visit, there are so many interesting parts of the estate to visit. Hope your both well. Nice to see you back in the blogging world. Beautiful autumn colours here. We have once been to the Carmichael Estate for a walk, but it was either in pre-blogging days or before the time I started to write up all my Scottish outings. I do remember it being muddy!

    Liked by 1 person

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