Facebook Group

Rules and Guidelines
(Updated September 2021)


If you’re reading this then it means you’ve joined our Facebook community, so welcome and thank you for choosing to join us! 😀

We’re a small Facebook group and we really like it that way. VTLS is not a group for showing off or getting a vast amount of likes, although, liking an image is still important to us. It’s a group for like minded people who love Scotland, who photograph it and want to be part of a community. Interaction is key, we want our members to talk, share information, give constructive comments and most importantly feel like they’re making new friends.

To keep everything straight forward and keep us all on the same page there are some group rules that we’d kindly ask you to follow. Please take a few minutes to read over the rules below and if you’ve any questions you’re welcome to get in contact with myself or one of the Moderators, Jim or Angie.

Again, thank you for wanting to join our little community and we really look forward to seeing your images and getting to know you.


Creating an Interactive & Welcoming Community

  • We’re all unique and at different stages of our photographic journey so please keep this in mind and treat everyone with kindness and respect.
  • Healthy debates are natural but we won’t tolerate any sort of nastiness or negativity from our members, those posts will be removed and potentially, so may you be.
  • The key to a healthy and active community is communication. Don’t be afraid to comment on an image or interact by liking or loving it, but only if you actually do!
  • Please don’t discuss any subject that could cause friction or upset. We appreciate many of you will be passionate about certain subjects and may feel the need to discuss your thoughts and opinions, however, VTLS isn’t the place to do it.
  • You chose to join the group and hopefully you enjoy it enough to recommend us to other people. However, before inviting anyone to the group, please let them know you’re doing so. Anyone you invite to the group will have 5 days to accept or it will be automatically declined.
  • We’re an interactive group. Ideally I want to see members posting their images, however, if you’re not posting then I’d ask you to add to the group in other ways. You can click ‘like’, and you can comment, please, get involved. Members of the group who are seen never to interact or post may be removed. It’s all about adding value.

Privacy & Copyright

  • Being part of this group requires it’s members to have a mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions can make a group great, but sometimes conversations can be sensitive and private. What’s shared in the group should stay in the group.
  • Please remember, any images that are added to this group will always remain the property of their owner & no one else may ever take, copy or sell without permission from the owner of the image. I know some of you may want to share the images with other groups, however, please ask before choosing to share elsewhere.

What can I post?

  • The group is all about celebrating Scotland. Photographs, video & artwork depicting Scotland are allowed. If you want to share anything that’s not your own work, please, ensure you’ve got permission and remember to credit the creator.
  • If you’re considering adding 10 images or more, please create an album with the name of the place as a title.
  • The group has various themes across the month. The main monthly theme must always be images from Scotland, however, all other themes, unless stated, can be from anywhere. Just please state where it was taken and don’t bombard the group.
  • We’re not monsters, you’re welcome to share an image from your own personal Facebook page or you’re own photography page but, please, no promoting the page. Please ensure any privacy settings have been adjusted so all ‘non-friends’ can see your hard work. We’d also ask you not to share or promote any other photography groups. 
  • Within the announcements section there is a post where you can share your photography website and Instagram account with the rest of the group. Please only post these within the comments, any posted to the main feed will be removed.
  • We don’t allow the promotion of any services, no selling of products or images, no spam and no irrelevant or dead links. These will be removed without notice.
  • I know many of you will wish to watermark your images and that’s completely fine, however, please, consider the size of the watermark. Having it cover the majority of the image or detracting from the image itself spoils it for everyone. Think of the size, shape and transparency of any watermarks.
  • Due to various themes, you may feel the need to repost an image you’ve previously posted and that’s okay. Remember though, you’re camera is designed to be used, not sit in the bag forgotten and lonely 🙂 Reposting is also a good excuse to try a new edit of the image.
  • When posting please consider the image. We would discourage any image where the ‘main subject’ is political or football-related or any other subject that could offend, this includes partial/full nudity. If admin thinks it could cause any issue or feels it’s not suitable it will be removed.
  • If you’ve any camera equipment for sale you’re welcome to post it in the group, however, please note, you should switch off commenting. If it’s not done, Admin will do it for you. Please ensure you state all conversations must be done through private message. Sales posts should not be repeated unless agreed by Admin. The group itself takes nothing to do with private sales and Admin will not get involved in any disputes.
  • When posting, it would be appreciated if you could use the “Check-in” function so other members can easily locate the place should they wish to visit. If you don’t want to check in, please include the name/location in the title of the post. The group is about sharing Scotland’s beauty and by providing the location you’re helping other members.

Meeting up

  • The group have been known to meet up on occasion. Any meet up’s or events will be added to the “Events” tab along with details of the event and times.
  • If any member of the group is heading out for a bit of photography and they’re willing to open it up to other members then we’d ask you to create an ‘event’. Please include details of where you will meet, the time and the aim of the meet. If you can, please, add a link to a map showing the location too. If anybody needs help with this just message me, I’m happy to set the meet up for you and manage it too, it’s no problem.
  • If any members are meeting up, we’d encourage you to think safely. The group can be a source for like-minded individuals but you must always let others know where you’re going and who with.
  • If any event is arranged by the group or on behalf of the group, please be aware that these meets are intended to be meet-ups between friends or like-minded individuals. We will decide on the date, time and location but getting to the location is your responsibility as is any cost incurred. The group have no funds or insurance and will not pay or reimburse any costs that you may have incurred.