I’ve moved!

Hi everyone, I know, it’s been a while, sorry.
You know that I’ve never really been great at keeping things up to date on here.I’d hoped this last year would have been more productive, I’ve at least 5 posts written that I’ve never posted due to needing more images and you guessed it, I never got around to getting them! However, I’m hoping that will change this year. There’s that word, HOPE. To hope or try is to often invite failure but I’m feeling quitely confident this time.
You see, recently, I’ve created a new website where I’m hoping to sell both prints and products. It’s still new and only phase 1 is finished but it’s off the ground and I’ve linked my blog to it. So, from now on, any blog posts will be on there instead of here, sad, I know. I’ve got a small following on here and if you’d like to continue following me, I’d be extremely grateful. The new site is up, my first blog post went on today and I’ve time set aside to get more done over the coming month. With the blog linked to my store, I think it will force me to keep it up todate and professional.
I will take this website down at some point and most likely repurpose it for another idea I’ve got in mind but we’ll see, first thing is first, I need to get selling!

Anyway, I’m still around, I’ve just got a new home at http://www.vtls.co.uk If anyone has any questions you’re always welcome to reach out to me, there’s a chat button on the website or you can email me at info@vtls.co.uk

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my blethering and took the time to comment, I’m grateful.

Stay safe and take care,