Hello & Welcome

Hello and welcome, I’m Paul, a Scottish photographer from Hamilton.

My love of photography was born out of having children and attempting to document all they did as they grew. However over the years photography has went from being a tool I used to document my childrens lives to something that I am extremely passionate​ about.

These days I’m mainly a landscape photographer documenting my various walks, however I’ve also a real love for history and especially old buildings. Visiting lost and hidden history is a favourite pastime of mine, it’s rewarding photographing something you know may not be there for future generations to find. I tend to do a lot of exploring, mainly around lowland Scotland, especially the Clyde Valley. When people think of Scotland they normally think of the Highlands yet the southern half of Scotland has so much to offer and such beautiful scenery to share. The history is long and turbulent with many stories to tell. This is what I hope to share with you all.

For anyone who happens across this page, thank you, especially if you have stopped to look at any of my pictures and posts, old or new.

Please feel free to comment or email me at questions@viewthroughthelens.co.uk I’d love to hear from you.



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