How we view the world.

As you’ll know if you’ve read my 1st post I am fairly new to the world of photography. Tonight I decided to look through some old photos, not for any particular reason other than that I found and old folder that I forgot about.
As I sit here looking through the pictures I’m wondering what I was thinking about when I took it. Now that time has gone by and I am looking at these pictures with fresh eyes I believe I am looking at them differently and it’s made me think or should I say rethink the photo. Some of them as I look I see something totally different to what I believe I first saw, its strange how time away from something can change a perspective.
I believe the more photos I take the more I view the world around me differently, I now believe that there is a photo in everything if you only know where to look. Not that I do mind you, sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t. However after tonight, I believe that taking photos, picking my best and deleting the rest is no longer the best option. I think once I have edited and picked my favourites I should then file them and after a while go back and re-evaluate each of them. Who knows I may do better 2nd time around!


This was taken on an old pocket camera a few years back. This was only previously cropped. Below is a quick 2 minute edit.


Here is another taken on the same old Sony pocket camera with the quick edit below.



This time last year I had no interest in editing my photos. However now I have begun to see the world differently, I am always trying to put everything I see into a photo. Sometimes now when I look back at my old photos I see them differently, I can only presume this means I am learning and improving.

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